Shona Heath, Shona Heath Studio:

I didn’t see you to say goodbye! I wanted to say a really proper thank you, it really was a spectacular job you did. It was a shame you weren’t here to take all the complimentary comments on the paintings, a lot of oohs and ahhs! hope to see you soon, thanks again.

I worked closely with Annie and I can confidently recommend her both for the quality of her work and for her ability to work within a big multi-disciplinary team.

The quality of the scenic painting completely met our expectations and helped create an atmosphere that was key to the success of the exhibition.

The panels are amazing - you are so talented! Thank you so much.

Here are some images of the finished set it looks so amazing you have done a wonderful job, thank you.

I would like to say a belated but very big thank you to you and your teams for your work on the Doctors, Dissection and Resurrection Men exhibition. Your contribution was invaluable, the exhibition looks amazing and it has been warmly welcomed by the national and international media.

This is one of the beautiful organic, fresh pieces of work I have seen in a long-time. I only hope I can do it justice it the final stages. To Annie and her team- GOOSEBUMPS.

Becky Metcalfe, PR Manager, Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour:

Annie Millar is one of the best scenic artists in the business. It is always a pleasure to work with her as she brings great creativity and flair to every project. Annie is hard-working and her attention to detail is impressive. Her illustrations for our press previews have, on several occasions, given great cohesion to the shows, providing the 'wow' factor. Always, they are beautifully executed and exceed all expectation.

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how great the first set looks, everyone is over the moon and if the other 2 are half as good then we'll have an amazing campaign. I've included an email below, just to show you how happy and impressed everyone is.

It is perfectly balanced between realistic and Matisse, exactly what we wanted and the details like the shadows, clouds and birds are beautiful. The birds particularly. Everything is just right.

Benjamin Kempton, Interiors Director, Wallpaper*:

Annie Millar is a fantastic contact of mine and a huge pleasure to work with.
I was first introduced to Annie when working at World of Interiors and we collaborated together on several interior projects, in which I was delighted with the results. Annie is highly skilled and responds to a brief with precision, adapting her style to fit perfectly with what has been asked. She has been involved in the art work on several sets for the interior shoots at Wallpaper*. From the more decorative, to the highly graphic, her most recent project involved painting the sets for 10 different covers for our April 2012 issue. I would recommend Annie Millar to any future client. She is a trusted and greatly valued contact and huge fun to work with.

The bathroom shoot looked great. Everybody here LOVES your set! well done and thank you for doing such a brilliant job.