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Annie Millar is a London-based scenic artist who has worked extensively for film makers, photographers and editors, producing backdrops and painted effects of every imaginable kind. Her work can be seen on tv and in films, in window displays and magazines, at events and exhibitions and on the walls of clubs and private houses. After many years at the BBC, Annie now works for publishers, production companies, advertising agencies, photographers and private individuals.

Scenery: Figurative scenes and atmospherics ranging from small-scale illustration to massive canvases for films, television, conferences, stage sets and public events. Studio backdrops and mini-sets for product or model photography.

Backdrops: Moods, textures and atmospherics for projection or digital composition. Murals, exteriors and interiors, photographic cycloramas and mood environments.

Spaces: Furniture and installation painting. Make-up, hair and body painting.

People: Special effects and prosthetics for film and photography. Painting to order in almost any ism from photorealism to abstract expressionism.

Canvases: For stage and film, restaurant and office decor or simply to hang on your wall at home.